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Lukor Interiéry

LUKOR interiéry a.s. realization luxurious interiors


LUKOR interiéry a.s. is engaged realizations of luxurious interiors. The advantage of our company's own production of furniture, interior doors, wooden floors and a custom kitchen, all completely according to your individual wishes and requirements.

We offer our customers an individual approach and comprehensive service, which allows us to satisfy the most demanding requirements for design and quality of our products. In addition to countless realization of private interiors, we are able to realize and nearly any commercial interior, especially hotels, restaurants, guest houses, etc.

We are able to satisfy every customer and fully equip any interior, both modern and stylish design. We are not limited by the use of any materials or finishes. We use the highest quality materials, components and appliances due to you in our product gain advanced functionality and high value. Your interior solve as a whole and from the initial design of our architects to final assembly.

For inspiration and easier orientation throughout the menu, we recommend you to visit our studio, where you will pay experts with years of experience in the projection kitchen sets and other devices indoors. We believe that the result of our cooperation will be distinctive interior according to your wishes.


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